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Forming in the wake of two break-ups, Bradford electronic / indie / folk duo EXPERIMENT 637 set their minds on doing something positive.


Ronan and Mickey began writing together in the summer of 2019, managing to play just one gig before the pandemic put a stop to their best-laid plans. Over the following two years however, the duo wrote and recorded their debut album ‘Sleepwater' and released it to critical acclaim in Autumn 2022.


The band are now touring across the UK. Armed with a guitar, two microphones and a bunch of keyboards, the band’s live show also incorporates video projections, illuminating their entire stage with specially commissioned footage created by Leeds-based filmmaker and animator Alexander Kershaw.


Live Review by Louder Than War


"The album wraps the listener up in a comforting cocoon of sound, offering empathy and escapism in spades.


This is music for lonely, restless nights yet it’s a joy to experience it here in a communal setting.


Everything’s broken they tell us, yet it never feels like the hope has run dry with Experiment 637.


Whether you’re curled up with a loved one or all alone, Experiment 637 has your back. A truly moving live experience by these Bradfordian architects of sound."


ALBUM OF THE WEEK - “An album that surely belongs with the great debuts of our times” - Louder Than War

“Exploratory, otherworldly, and ultimately, cathartic.” - When The Horn Blows


“Impossible to define and remarkably creative.” - RGM


“Uplifting and heart wrenching in equal measure.” - Louder Than War





Electric guitar + Fender Princeton Reverb amp




Keys + track/video playback

We have 7 channels:

1 - Ronan vocal

2 - Mickey vocal

3 - Electric guitar

4 - N/A - SPARE

5 - Track L

6 - Track R

7 - Keys L

8 - Keys R

Please note: We have our own Midas MR12 for our on-stage in-ear monitoring.

We use our own microphones for vocals and guitars, and we will share our XLR lines from our splitter box to the FOH system.

Our mics are 2 x Beta 58 for vocals and a Beyer M201 for electric guitar.

We will also be running our own short throw video projector, which will be placed at the front of the stage on a small, low stand which we provide.

We also have a 6m x 3m fire retardant white backdrop/screen onto which we project, which we will need to secure to a lighting struss. We have heavy-duty large crocodile clips for this purpose.

The projector is the only required light source needed on stage. We request that all stage lights be turned off during our performance, please.

Contact: Mickey - 07899 805321

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